Ship's Log

Here is our internal blog. We also maintain an informational blog at, an on-line quarterly publication at, and six targeted blogs at our Data Management Institute web portal. To visit them, click on the links below.


Toigo Partners International has several primary focus areas.  One of the most exciting is Cognitive Data Management or CDM.  We have been working with both potential CDM technology consumers -- larger organizations worried about how they will manage zettabytes of new data cost-effectively -- and CDM vendors -- seeking to define platforms and software offerings -- and view this area of information technology R&D to be among the most promising from a business value standpoint.

We have worked with several CDM vendor start-ups, helping them to define product functionality and messaging.  We are also working with the Data Management Institute, which we founded in 2003, to develop certification training and other educational collaterals to help spread the gospel of CDM.  And we are developing methodologies that our clients can use to implement CDM technologies in the most efficient way.

You can participate in a CDM training workshop developed for the Institute and broadcast on the web by Virtualization Review.  There you will find five hours of certification training, delivered by Toigo Partners International Managing Principal Jon Toigo.


Toigo is currently developing an ebook on CDM entitled "Building a Cognitive Data Management Practice" that will accompany DMI training.  Here are the first two chapters of the ebook for your review.  Stay tuned for more information about CDM.