Ship's Log

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Toigo Partners International opened its doors in 2002 with an assortment of service offerings.  Training quickly became one of the most popular.  

In addition to formulating strategies and specifying and deploying hardware and software, organizations require a cadre of trained personnel to make IT matter.  Training isn't just a random communication of information and opinion, it needs to be pre-planned and well defined in terms of objectives and teaching points.  Then, the training needs to be delivered in a manner the suits the capabilities and learning styles of the trainees.  There are lots of ways to do it wrong, but we wrote the book on how to do it right, Automated Training Development Systems.

More and more, our training programs are sought out by IT operatives who are seeking credentials to add to their resumes.  That's why we created the Data Management Institute, to provide such certification training programs for free via the web.  We have also been asked to customize these programs in order to integrate commentary on the strategies and requirements of specific organizations and to teach employees of the firm from these materials.  We follow a structured training development methodology that works well, producing objectives, test items, lesson content analysis reports (LCARs), and lesson design analysis reports (LDARs) -- all of which are provided to the client for review and approval before anyone is trained!  Then, we develop the presentation materials and handle the logistics for the training -- via the web or in a client classroom -- and deliver the material in accordance with the methods and techniques of professional adult education.

Our certification training has reached over 80,000 trainees worldwide.  Our custom courses reach the intended audience, and are then provided to the client for future development.  Lately, we have been working with Virtualization and Cloud Review to provide "boot camps" -- day-long web-based certification training programs.  To date, we have done three of these workshops and received tremendous response.  Imaging having over 1000 IT operators and managers sign up for a course and upwards of 750 show up on the day of the event -- and stay all six hours!  We are preparing for a program in December and another in February.

Increasingly, our clients include vendors who wish to cultivate a market for their products or services, or reinforce the loyalty of customers who already use their products or services.  They recruit Toigo Partners to develop custom workshops that provide their customers and prospects with a better understanding of their requirements and a fair and factual analysis of technology (including the client's) that is available to address them.  We lately undertook such a project with CA Technologies and are in discussion with several other vendors to reprise the service.  Please contact us if you need training support.