Ship's Log

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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning is a domain of expertise for Toigo Partners International and one of the earliest offerings in our consulting practice.  We have assisted in the development, testing and even the implementation of disaster recovery plans for more than 150 firms worldwide.  We have also authored hundreds of articles in the trade press and four books to date on the subject of BC/DRP that have been translated into multiple languages for use by planners around the globe.

When we launched the Data Management Institute in 2003, our first certification training course was the Certified Data Protection Specialist (CDPS) program, which has been taken by nearly 80,000 practitioners to date.  We have offered the course on the web and in live seminars in the USA, UK, France, Portugal, South Africa, UAE, Singapore and Australia.  The training, which is based on an open methodology created by Jon Toigo, is about to get another refresh in February 2018 when it will be offered as a web-based workshop by DMI partner Virtualization and Cloud Review.

Not long ago, Toigo Partners was solicited by a Midwest energy utility to test a strategy they had developed for failing critical systems over from a production data center to a stand-by data center located several hundred miles away.  The need was for a practical solution that would enable partial failover without requiring staff migration to the standby facility when the situation permitted, and a second strategy for full failover when the need demanded.  The client had already built a scripted stack failover and needed third party validation to satisfy auditors and management.  We supervised the testing and discovered a few problems in the protocol that were quickly rectified.  The strategy enabled defense in depth against a number of hazard scenarios while helping to contain testing costs, which are one of the largest expenses in DR planning.

Talk to us if you have disaster recovery planning assistance needs.  We are here to help...and we are qualified.