Ship's Log

Here is our internal blog. We also maintain an informational blog at, an on-line quarterly publication at, and six targeted blogs at our Data Management Institute web portal. To visit them, click on the links below.

One of our areas of interest at Toigo Partners International is data management technology.  We have done considerable work in the field of data storage, data protection, data privacy, and data preservation - or archive.  Clients have included both private and governmental organizations around the world.

There is more to building a data archive strategy than copying data to a disk array or tape library or cloud service.  The myriad challenges and architectural decisions are surveyed in our free certification training program at the Data Management Institute, the Certified Data Archive Professional (CDAP) course.  Many IT and business planners have taken the training, which is currently poised for delivery as an on-line boot camp by Virtualization and Cloud Review in December 2017.

For our clients, however, more than certification training is usually required to build a customized, scalable and sustainable archive practice.  Typically, our clients are looking for a solution that supports both active and cold/deep archival data and one that supports all data, whether block-based, file-based or hybrid.  Doing things correctly can pay huge dividends in terms of 

  • Containing the cost of storage by archiving seldom accessed data
  • Reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance
  • Improved productivity and easy re-reference of data

If you are considering the requirements for an archive for your organization's data, maybe Toigo Partners International can help.