Ship's Log

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Not long ago, a client in the cognitive data management space came to us with a request to survey the industry landscape in search of competitors to its platform offering.  Simple web searches were turning up literally hundreds of companies whose products were deemed to be in the general field.  However, a closer examination revealed that very few were actually leveraging cognitive computing technology, and many seemed to be included in the search because of some artful tagging and search engine optimization tricks by the vendor's marketing department.

We have seen this all to often, and we have a strategy for getting to greater clarity.

Using our journalistic credentials, we framed the project as an e-guide to an industry product segment, designing criteria for comparing the products of many vendors, then explaining why the criteria would be important to planners evaluating the technology for use in their own data centers.

The criteria used were both practical and user-driven.  Information was collected from participating vendors via a survey, then validated with follow-up interviews with each vendor's engineering team.  The guide was published for use by consumers.

We delved further into our research notes to provide the client with a customized version of the document.  This one identified the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor product in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of the client's wares.

The task was labor intensive, but it produced one of the first documents of its type for the consumer population.  Here's a draft copy, which we are still refining for publication in Virtualization Review.