The Krewe of TPI

Toigo Partners International engages with independent technologists and project leaders to facilitate some of our projects. Our regional partners, all seasoned IT management professionals, change from time to time based on project activity levels and interests. Our core management team, however, has been with us since the beginning.

Our Team

Jon William Toigo
Toigo Partners is an idea brought to life by Jon Toigo, the Managing Principal Partner. Jon is a widely respected authority in data management and IT.
Jean-Michel Guillou
J-M is our man in Europe. Hardly an engagement occurs for Toigo Partners in France, Italy, Spain, Monaco, or Belgium without his help.
Margaret Romao Toigo
Margaret is CFO and the creative mind behind many of our video projects. She is a creative 3D artist with an excellent skillset in non-linear editing.
Jeremy Evans
He left us for a great job with an innovative vendor client, but he still moonlights to help keep our webwork operational.

Partners Past & Present

Dean Morash
Randy Chalfant
Oscar Ernst
Anthony Romao
Max Toigo
Megan Australia
Capitas Malaysia
Vantagem+ Portugal
ISIT Netherlands
Computer Weekly London

A Brief Bio of Jon Toigo

Jon Toigo is an outspoken technology consumer advocate and vendor watchdog whose books, articles, columns and blogs are enjoyed by over a million readers per month.

He is Founder and Managing Principal of Toigo Partners International LLC, an independent consultancy and technical research & analysis firm. Toigo formed Toigo Partners to develop a consultative practice that could leverage his extensive contacts among seasoned IT executives whose corporate careers were at an end, but who did not yet wish to retire. Toigo developed project opportunities that were then helmed by his partners in a given locale. With partners representing different geographical regions, Toigo Partners International quickly grew into a global consulting practice reaching clients worldwide.

At the core of Toigo Partners International are methodologies and perspectives fashioned from Toigo's long tenure in corporate IT and IT consulting and his extensive body of work in print. He is a 30+ year IT veteran who has worked both as an operative and manager within corporate information systems departments and as a senior consultant with two international systems integrators. He has worked in the financial services industry, the utility power industry, the manufacturing sector, and in government IT. His clients range from power companies to pharmaceutical manufacturers to retail and financial firms to governmental entities including US Secret Service and the Australian Federal Police.

Toigo's specialities are in data storage infrastructure and architecture and in data management, data protection, disaster recovery planning, and data preservation and archive. He has written 17 books to date. Five have covered continuity planning, and four have focused on storage. The rest have focused on other dimensions of the business technology nexus. He is currently developing a primer on Cognitive Data Management, a field of inquiry that has long fascinated him and in which he has several vendor clients.

In addition to writing books, Toigo is a prolific writer with thousands of articles in the information technology trade press to his credit. He writes a regular column in Storage Magazine (TechTarget) and another in Virtualization and Cloud Review. His work appears semi-regularly in Enterprise Management and in Enterprise Tech Journal. He blogs on various popular storage blog sites and maintains his own blogs at and at the Data Management Institute .

Toigo formed the Data Management Institute shortly after founding Toigo Partners to provide a vehicle for IT and business staff training around data management, data protection and data preservation. DMI has trained over 80,000 students worldwide with the assistance of several training and seminar companies operating as DMI partners and in conjunction with TechTarget seminar and Virtualization Review online webinar producers.

Last, but not least, Toigo is a much sought after speaker who often keynotes trade conferences or conducts conference breakout sessions for industry groups or vendor clients. They are attracted to Toigo's highly rated presentations that integrate cogent data analysis with multimedia presentation elements and a humorous style -- what he terms an "edutainment" experience.

Toigo holds Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from The Catholic University of America and a Professor Honorario in Computer Technology from Universidad Abierta Interamericana.

Key Differentiators

What Makes TPI Different from Other Consultancies?

Critical Thinking


Innovative Approach


Social Savvy

Our Quest in a Nutshell

We hold ourselves to high standards at Toigo Partners International. We are dedicated to serving the client to the best of our abilities with four categories of consulting activities.


We derive our insights and analyze our trends based on actual input from real technology users. We review products and technologies without prejudice, but with a bias toward business value.


We write everything down. We document what we learn and share it with our clients in unvarnished form. Vendors don't always like what we say, but they respect that it is well-sourced.


At Toigo Partners, we are not "anti-vendor," but we are passionate about ensuring that products deliver promised value. We work to separate "marketecture" from architecture in all our work.


Training and education are a mainstay of our work. We created the Data Management Institute, which has delivered certification training to more than 80K trainees to date worldwide.