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Toigo Partners is constantly in the field, talking to consumers and vendors, evaluating technology, taping interviews and vblogs, evangelizing and critiquing the latest technology.
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  • Vendor Watchdog
    Toigo Partners prides itself on being a vendor watchdog. We evaluate products and provide a fair and factual assessment of their business value.
  • Consumer Ombudsman
    Always working with customers to ensure that the expectations set by vendors are delivered by products and services.
  • Monitoring Trends
    Keeping tabs of technology trends, but never confusing marketecture with architecture, Toigo Partners is your dependable information source.
  • Providing Coverage in Traditional and New Media
    Toigo Partners leverages online media -- traditional and social -- to spread the word about great -- and problematic -- technologies.
  • Technology Advocacy
    When we find a technology we like, one that delivers real value to consumers, you can't shut us up about it. (Conversely, you can't buy our endorsement at any price!)
  • Education on Demand
    Perhaps the greatest challenge confronting IT today is a lack of knowledgeable workers. We provide webinars, seminars, video instruction, and custom training to help keep IT workers at the top of their game.

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  • IT should not be an impediment to business agility, but an enabler. Business leaders want IT to turn on a dime and to be able to meet new opportunities with automation support in a timely way.
    Risk takes many forms in business. Regulatory risk requires data management, investment risk requires intelligent technology choices, and risk of downtime requires disaster recovery and information security capabilities.
    Trends toward data growth in the tens or hundreds of zettabytes range are casting a spotlight on the cost and inefficiencies of data storage. Clouds alone are not the answer.
    Outsourcing IT skills training to vendors is not improving the depth of knowledge in contemporary practictioners. And the resource pool of qualified candidates for key IT roles, especially in mainframe environments, is becoming more limited.
  • Now more than ever, IT needs to be aligned with business requirements. One size fits most technology never fits needs very well. IT plans need to demonstrate full compliance with business goals: cost containment, risk reduction, and improved productivity.
    In finance, liquidity refers to the ability of an entity to bring resources to bear in an investment strategy with minimal obstructions. In IT strategy, the goal should be to enable agility by striving to make IT infrastructure and processes liquid and capable of rapid deployment in response to business opportunity.
    Efficiciency should be the end product of strategic planning. Resulting processes should constantly optimize both IT resource allocaiton and resource utilization efficiency.
  • Technology may be an disruptor in established markets (think Uber), but it also needs to fit the business and its market. We evaluate technology options within the broader context of business value.
    The goal of IT product and service providers should be to build a dedicated consumer base by delivering excellent, effective and reasonably priced products and services into the market. Unfortunately, many use proprietary designs or functionality to lock-in the consumer and to lock out the competition. Are your technology choices painting you into a corner?
    A key to effective technology decision-making is the consideration of how the technology will be managed once it is deployed. These days, with smaller IT staff sizes and more limited skill sets, automation, machine learning and cognitive processing are needed more than ever before to shoulder the management burden. The rub is that the technology deployed must avail itself of smarter, more automated, management and control.
About Toigo Partners
Toigo Partners is a specialized data management consultancy with a global reach. We look forward to helping you to meet your business IT goals with innovative and sustainable stratagies.